Don’t you hate it when you bang your toe on the corner of a table? My first reaction is to grab it and rub until the pain stops!

What most people don’t realize, is this reaction is actually scientifically proven to reduce pain!! What they also don’t realize is that this “pain gate theory” is actually mimicked by kinesiology tape.

Everyone has seen this tape on the Olympians the last few years. It has been become more and more prevalent as athletes, as well as the general population,realize the benefits of taping. Kinesiology tape does multiple things. It provides neuromuscular re-education to the muscles. . It reduces pain, decreases inflammation, changes the way the muscle responds to stimulus, and distributes the function of the area involved in injury.

How does it do all these things? Kinesiology tape is flexible in nature. The grooves /elastic property allow the tape to stimulate the area it is applied to. It helps elongates the muscle fibers, retrains them, and prevent them from spasming. Research has shown that it can affect the way the muscle fatigues, as well as its function. By constantly sending sensational stimuli and drawing attention to the muscle, joint, and fascia; kinesiology tape can affectively decrease patients pain and help stabilize chiropractic adjustments!

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