Charlene Jourdan, Massage

Charlene’s desire is to help people work toward living free from pain.  This motivates her to treat patients meticulously and with compassion.  She looks to the cause and effect of the pain and dysfunction to reduce the issues and restore better function, while listening to the patient’s body to find what lies underneath the pain.  She uses myofascial release, trigger point work and joint mobilization predominantly, but is also well-versed in European or Swedish work and a manual therapy form of Traditional Chinese Medicine referred to as Amma.  Any of these techniques can be done with deeper or lighter pressure, depending upon the needs of the patient.

Charlene moved to Colorado in the summer of 2015 after growing up in New York.  Before becoming a massage therapist, she worked as a legal secretary for ten years but knew there was something different out there waiting for her.  After a chiropractor encouraged her, Charlene enrolled in school and found her fulfillment as a massage therapist graduating from the New York College for Wholistic Health, Education and Research located in Syosset, New York, in August, 1999 with an Associates in Occupational Studies degree.

Charlene is passionate about creativity and hobbies which are based in art.  She practices a spiritual lifestyle and believes in a wholistic approach to health.  Charlene has experience with celiac disease and the gluten-free lifestyle.  She is enthusiastic about helping others find happiness and health.

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